The Daily Fit - Where Fitness Becomes A Habit

If you want to make fitness a habit so you can have a better quality of life with more energy and a leaner waistline without dieting or "soul crushing" workouts then "The Daily Fit" is the program for you. 

Do you ever feel like this whole fitness thing is more stressful, confusing and even intimidating than it should be? There's so much information and misinformation that it can all get to bit too overwhelming. The industry does a good job at making you feel so fearful of what to eat, how to exercise that it's paralyzing. 

Well, I want to eliminate all that stress for you, take out the guesswork, remove the fear of eating and exercising right and more. In "The Daily Fit" Program you will learn a simple and effective process that makes fitness a habit that you consistently do for life.

Book a fitness success call with me and we can have a friendly chat and find out what habits need to "stick" for you and how to do make it happen. 

How The Daily Fit Program Works

The Problem:

While most fitness programs give you a workout and diet plan they generally lack in giving you a system on how to actually make fitness "stick" beyond 3-6 weeks. As a result you might make some changes initially, but in the long run you don't see any lasting changes.


The Solution:

The Daily Fit 16 week program is built around a proven system for changing your eating, sleep and exercise habits, and making them stick called "The Consistent Core Method"

And for your convenience the program is done online through my coaching app (or email if you don't like apps) and private facebook group. You won't have to adhere to anyone else's schedule but your own. 

What's Involved In The Daily Fit Program?

1. First I will set you up with my coaching app (or email) and invite you to the facebook group and welcome you in.

2. Next you'll get set up with some orientation coaching video's outlining the program so you know exactly what's coming.

3. Then I'll set you up with your first movement/exercise based habit and coach you along with our proven proprietary process.

4. Everyday you will be able to check off your habits as completed or not. We will start with just one habit to make it simple. By the end of the 16 weeks you will be working on 5 key habits that set you up for lifelong health in a body you love. 

  • Consistent Core Method Coaching - Science backed proven method of coaching that make healthy habits stick.
  • Accountability & Access - I check in with you, and make myself available to your questions and challenges to help you overcome the inevitable hurdles that will come your way over 16 weeks. That special event, that vacation, a extra stress of a life situation... that's just life. Instead of quitting, that's when access to support of a professional coach and the community really come in handy. 
  • Home Based Workouts - Effective workouts that are designed to do at home but can be done at the gym as well. Bodyweight options available but most workouts are designed around using dumbbells and a mini resistance band. All workouts are beginner friendly and have modifications for all fitness levels.
  • P3 Nutrition System - This isn't a diet. This is a simple non-restrictive way of eating that is designed around being mindful of portions, protein and produce (P3) as well the mindset around eating which is often the biggest crux to eating well. I want you to feel confident about what to eat in every situation even when it's chocolate and wine night 
  • Sleep Better System - An often missed part of a fitness program is sleep hygeine. I'll help you rest better so you can have more energt and better brain health. 

Book a fitness success call with me and we can have a friendly chat and find out what habits need to "stick" for you and how to do make it happen. 

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