Feel Confident In Your Body & What It Can Do

Gone are the days of doing "soul crushing" workouts and striving for diet "perfection. I believe fitness is about moving better in a body you love without restriction. Fitness is about improving your quality of life and actually enjoying the process that gets you into better shape. 

  • Forget the short term diets that cost you in the long run --> Let's do something sustainable for your health and waistline. 
  • Forget grueling workouts that only the "Fit Freaks" love --> Let's enjoy some functional exercise that gets you moving better and feeling confident about your body.

Join me in my Confidently Strong Together online program Starts April 6th 2020  now open to start at your convenience. Here are the details:

Accountability & Support 

One of the most important parts to a quality fitness program is the professional support and accountability you get from a qualified coach and community. Here are just a few ways I will provide that in this program:

  • Establish healthy habits
  • Ditch bad habits 
  • Action based weekly check-in
    • what went well
    • what was challenging
    • strategy to overcome challenges and make continued progress each week
  • Judgement free zone

The Workouts

The workouts are designed for at home use from beginner to intermediate currently. 

  • Safe & effective workouts that leave you feeling stronger and improve flexibility in just 20-30minutes
  • No equipment needed
  • Dumbbell options if you have them
  • Workout 2 - 3 times a week at your own pace
  • All instructional workout videos and templates are included
  • Learn what NEAT is and how to use it to your advantage

The Nutrition
  • No “fad diets”
  • No restrictive foods
  • Establish and be coached on nutrition habits and strategies that last for life
  • Tools and cheat sheets to help you succeed
  • The goal is to be confident and guilt free in your eating in all situations


Become A Founding Member For Just $49/month
(Founding Member Promotion Ends May 31st) 

"We can actually keep up with the kids..."

I'm so happy you took us on. It has done wonders for our health and energy. We can actually keep up with the kids and grandkids!

Emily Smith  //  Retired Business Owner

"Nearing 50 but feeling like 30"

Working with Robin over the years as been such an asset even online he does an amazing job relaying valued information and great workouts. I am nearing the 50 mark but feeling like I did when I was 30.

Vanessa Nardelli  //  Dietician

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I don't have any equipment at home can I join?

Answer: YES! The workouts are designed for bodyweight with dumbbell and resistance band options incase you have or decide to invest in some small amount of equipment.

Question: I'm over 50 can I do this workout?

Answer: Most of our clients are between 45-65 years old and older so yes the workouts are designed with you in mind.

Question: I have a hard time getting on the floor can I do this?

Answer: Yes, while you may not be able to do all the exercises I always give alternatives that accomplish the same effect for those that can't get on the ground.

Question: I have some health issues should I join?

Answer: Get the ok from your doctor first, but most people have some sort of issue they have to work around, however this program does not rehab or cure any underlying health condition.

Question: Do you give follow along meal plans?

Answer: I am happy to provide meal plan templates, but in 17 years being in the health and fitness industry a strict follow along meal plan has never helped anyone develop a sense on confidence in their eating habits and doesn't address reasons why people typically over eat which is not about being physically hungry. Let's get control of the right habits. 

Question: I don't have Facebook can I still join?

Answer: You can still join as the workouts and nutrition action items will be delivered via email, but truth be told the community inside the group is where the support and accountability really provide another element. If you don't feel you need that, no worries you can still join and enjoy the program :) 

Join us in the Confidently Strong Together Program
just $49/month

If you have any questions you can reach out to me at rob@rmfit.com

Robin Mungall

Fitness Coach Since 2004