Get Consistent With Your Fitness Habits So You Can Have Consistent Results In Just 5 Days

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Challenge Starts Monday September 28, 2020


Over the 5 day free challenge I'm going to take you through a process I call the Consistent Core Method. It's the same process I use with my in person clients to help them get lasting results in their health and fitness goals.  

I'm also going to have you do a daily 5-10 minute core strength and mobility workout inspired by my own role model to health and fitness, my grandfather whose advice on doing a little something healthy for yourself everyday continues to pay dividends. 

Here Is The Breakdown

There is no better way to learn than a hands on approach, that's why everyday direct to your inbox and in the private Facebook group you will get your workout and Consistent Core Method assignment. You will be practicing the method as you learn it.

  • Day 1: Set the right kind of goals + The Core Carver Workout  
  • Day 2: Change your environment to change your life + Andy's Original Workout  
  • Day 3: The technique that needs no willpower + Move Better Mobility 
  • Day 4: Maximize your support and accountability + Andy's Workout #5
  • Day 5: Going beyond motivation for consistent results + The Core Carver Extra 

Special Bonus* when you join I will also share the strategy my clients and I use to stop the over snacking that keeps most people from losing inches.

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Robin Mungall

"The only thing more fulfilling than seeing a client feel confident in their body and what it can do is seeing them smile about it." 

A certified personal trainer Since 2003 with extensive experience including 8 years as the fitness coordinator at the Royal Alex Hospital training doctors, nurses and aiding in the post rehab of heart and stroke clients needing help transforming their lifestyles.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying all of your fitness goals will be yours in 5 days. I am saying that over a 5 day period I will give you a working knowledge of a proven process that can get you to exercise and eat better consistently and that we will practice a bit of it using short and effective workouts. It is still up to you to implement what you learn and practice in order to see the results you want over a realistic timeline.