How To Make Workouts A Part Of Your Daily Routine In 21 Days With Andy's Workouts... Even If You Lack Motivation

Learn to be consistent with short daily online workouts you can do at home at your convenience. 

If you find it hard to stay motivated to a workout routine long enough to see lasting benefits Let Andy's Workouts help you.

Who Was Andy?

"Today we are going to do an Andy's Workout."

Those were the words that drew curious expressions on every client's face one fateful week as I had something special in store for them.

"Who's Andy?" my clients would ask.

I would direct their attention to the three antique photo's hanging in my fitness studio."This is Andy... My grandfather and a man who serves as a constant inspiration in my life."

When I would visit my grandparents in the summer, I would wake up in the morning and catch my grandfather doing a little bit of exercise and I would join in. Before doing anything else he would get a little something done, 3 exercises to be exact and it took only about 10 minutes.  He would tell me that it's important to do something healthy for yourself everyday. 

Aside from being very fit, he was also a charitable family man with great integrity, an entrepreneur and recipient of Canada's Citizenship Award 13 times.

He loved chocolate even more than I did. Not one day went by where a half eaten chocolate bar couldn't be found in his pocket. A testament to the fact that you can be healthy and have chocolate too :)  

Growing up, he was my biggest role model. One of the things that he impressed on me was the importance of fitness, and through example I learned a few simple things to stay fit. 

Nowadays, as a fitness professional, I reflect on those times with more thought than just a fond memory, it's something that I should be sharing with the world. Especially for anyone who is feeling stuck or struggling with getting something going. But mostly for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

I loved sharing these workouts and seeing the look of satisfaction on my clients faces as a solution to some roadblocks around being consistent with exercise. So I'm going to continue sharing that feeling with you by opening up the opportunity to do Andy's Workouts Online.

Andy's Workouts

Get into a consistent routine doing a little something healthy for yourself everyday with a short  Andy's Workout that you can do everyday. Inside the private community you will have access to the home friendly workouts, accountability and coaching support for 21 days.

Build A Consistent Routine In 21 Days For Just $67

Here’s What To Expect In Andy's Workouts

  • Complete a short 3 exercise workout everyday (including the same strength & mobility one me and my grandfather did)
  • Program is delivered in my private Facebook group and via email
  • Andy's single most effective lesson on eating that kept him lean and energetic his whole life
  • My personal lesson on creating motivation from within
  • Support & Accountability 
  • Your health and fitness questions answered with actionable steps
Feel Confident

Feel confident in your body and also confident in knowing what to do in a workout to get the benefits your are looking for. 

Feel Better

The feeling you get from improving your mobility strength and circulation makes you feel lighter on your feet and gives you that extra zip in your step. 

Lose A Few Inches

One of the side effects of doing Andy's Workouts is more energy which leads to 2 factors that contribute to fat loss. The first is moving more through the day naturally and the second is motivation and education on making better choices in the kitchen. 

Better Posture

We do plenty of flexibility and core work in Andy's Workouts which leads to better posture which also means less risk of back and neck pain.

Here’s what people are saying about Andy's Workouts

Build A Consistent Routine In 21 Days For Just $67

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Do This At Home?

What equipment to I need?

Are there modifications to the exercises? 

Do I have to show up at a specific time? 

Hi I'm Robin

Do a little something healthy for yourself everyday and I promise you will either feel better physically or feel better about accomplishing something for your health, or both. 

One thing is certain, you will never regret doing a little something healthy for yourself everyday. 

Join me and let me help you on your journey to being consistent with your fitness. 


Robin Mungall

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