For Aging Golfers 

Take The "50 Yards Farther 5 Day Fitness Challenge" 

And Start Adding Distance To Your Game 

Not finding it very fun to lose distance in your game as you age? Feeling stiff or like you have to swing out of your shoes to get extra yards? Is your kid driving it 100 yards past you? If you want to stop losing distance and start having more fun on the course with a body that can effortlessly swing through the ball with flexibility and power then you are in the right place.   

Get on the waitlist so you can be notified when we start the next 5 Day Challenge and start hitting the ball farther and having more fun on and off the course. 

"As you age exercise becomes critical to health and longevity. So why not make your workout routine specific to something that brings you joy like driving a golf ball past the rest of your golf-mates?" 

A certified personal trainer Since 2003 and perhaps "certifiable" golf enthusiast since the age of 4 Robin Mungall has a passion for helping older golfers build a healthy and powerful body that can play this great game for as long as possible.