Have more "pep" in your step in 30 Days 


30 Day Gentle Start Program

Jumping into a fitness routine full force is not for everyone. Most times especially as we get a little older, it makes more sense to start off with program that pays attention to your lifestyle, your current fitness ability and gives you an experience where you build confidence in this space and you can progress from there as you see fit. 

That's why I created the 30 day gentle start program. If you are in the St.Albert area and are interested in a personalized experience in the way I just mentioned, fill out the form below. 

"Got to keep up with the grandkids and feel like I can keep up without hurting ourselves and Robin helps us do that."

Janet & Myrna - Rockstar Grandma's 

"I wasn't sure if this was for me, but in the last 30 days I lost 2 dress sizes and feel more positive about myself and love the energy I have when I wake up now. So glad I started this."

Jodie - Banker, Mover and Shaker


Q: Is this a free program?
A: No, this is a personal training program with rates starting at $75/week and up

Q: Is there a money back guarantee? 
A: Yes. If after the first week you don't feel this is the place for you, just let us know and we will give you 100% of your money back.

Q: I have low back pain and other issues can I participate?
A: Most of our clients have at least one thing going on with their body, this is the norm so yes, however we might require you to get the "ok" from your doctor before starting.

Q: What happens after 30days?
A: If you enjoyed your experience with us we will invite you to continue with us, or at least continue incorporating healthy habits in your life in some way. Our passion is helping people succeed long term.

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